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Serving the Communities of Northern Virginia and All those Who Serve Our Nation, and their Families

Law Office of Arquilla Law, PLC

After 26 years of public service as a military officer and attorney, in 1997 Fred Arquilla established the law office, presently “Arquilla Law, PLC,” in Fairfax County, Virginia. His vision was to offer high quality and affordable legal services to others in the public service community – military members, government employees, family members – as well as to other residents of Northern Virginia.

I offer decades of proven experience and a track record of success in all areas:

I understand the legal problems and needs of military families.

Many of our clients are stationed at Fort Belvoir, the Pentagon, Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall , and Quantico. Some are outside Virginia, or even outside the United States, but retain us because their legal problems or needs require the assistance of a Virginia lawyer.  Fred Arquilla is a retired Army judge advocate colonel who served more than 26 years of active-duty military service. He is well versed on issues unique to military families such as military pension division, disability pay, the Survivor Benefit Plan, the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Experienced, Effective and Responsive Legal Advocacy

My staff and I help our clients find the most beneficial and cost-effective legal solutions possible – whether handling a complicated divorce settlement, the creation of a last will and testament, or helping with a pending disciplinary action.

Taking a practical approach, we work with our clients to help them fully understand the likelihood of succeeding in the goals they wish to pursue. We work tirelessly to place our clients in the best legal position possible in their cases and are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with our clients.

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