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Marriage involves the joining of two lives and many kinds of property, debt, and, usually, obligations to children of the marriage. Separation and divorce require the untangling and distribution of marital obligations and assets. Usually, a property settlement agreement is the preferred and least costly way to accomplish this. If spouses are unable to agree, the court will need to decide.

Helping Our Clients Draft Comprehensive Property Settlement Agreements

Our Virginia divorce lawyers have decades of experience in handling contested and uncontested divorce cases throughout Northern Virginia. Although some litigation is necessary in many cases, we always strive to help clients save legal fees and costs by seeking to negotiate settlement agreements early on in the divorce process.

A comprehensive settlement agreement addresses all the important factors associated with divorce, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Child support, custody and visitation, spousal support
  • Division of real estate, personal property, such as bank and investment accounts and furniture and motor vehicles
  • Refinancing of mortgage notes and car loans
  • Pension division and award and division of tax deferred financial accounts, such as Thrift Savings Plan accounts, IRAs and 401(k)s
  • Division of personal property, such as bank and investment accounts and furniture and motor vehicles
  • Life insurance
  • Allocation of income tax deductions and exemptions

We understand that every client has a unique set of circumstances, which is why we provide customized legal services to address your needs and problems.

  • Some couples are able to reach agreement on the general terms of settlement on their own or through mediation. We can ensure the terms are clearly spelled out in a written agreement and that the agreement is comprehensive.
  • Other couples need the help of lawyers to communicate and negotiate terms of an agreement. We will ensure your interests are well represented.

If a voluntary negotiated property settlement is not an option, we have the litigation experience to advocate for your position and best interests in court.

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