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Divorce is the legal process of ending the legal union created by marriage. State laws establish the bases for divorce. Just the decision to take measures to end a marriage, especially a lengthy marriage with children, can be challenging.

Helping You Protect Your Rights and Your Best Interests in Your Virginia Divorce

At the Law Office of Arquilla Law, PLC, we recognize that divorce is always an emotionally, and often a financially, stressful process for our clients.

In addition to the dissolution of a key relationship, divorces typically involve other sensitive issues such as child custody, visitation, support and property division. Whether you are seeking legal advice on what might happen if a divorce is pursued, or you have already made a decision to divorce, our divorce attorneys can assist.

We work with women and men throughout Northern Virginia at all stages of contested and uncontested divorces:

  • The decision to separate, if that has not already occurred
  • The decision to file for divorce
  • A trial or a negotiated settlement
  • Enforcement of existing divorce orders
  • Alimony/spousal support

In military divorces, we can assist with military benefit issues such as divisions of military and government pensions, the award of survivor benefits,and the continuation of medical coverage.

We Advise Our Clients on Practical Goals and Outcomes in the Divorce Process

Our team of experienced Virginia divorce lawyers is committed to helping our clients select measures to dissolve their marriages in a cost-effective way. Based on our experience and knowledge of the law and the courts, we will be honest with you on the likelihood of success on your goals and will help you establish reasonable and satisfying objectives. Although settlement usually is the most cost-effective method to obtain a divorce, our lawyers are always prepared to litigate if required to achieve the most fair and favorable terms for our clients.

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