Creating a Family Through Virginia Step-Parent Adoption

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In some families, other individuals besides biological parents play important roles in the lives of children. This is especially true when a parent remarries, or when neglect or abuse is involved. Step-parent adoption transforms this emotional bond into a legal bond.

At Arquilla & Poe, PLC, our team of experienced lawyers provides sound legal advice and assistance to military and non-military families throughout northern Virginia in all step-parent adoption matters. We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and helping them create meaningful relationships under the Virginia adoption laws.

An issue commonly encountered in step-parent adoptions is obtaining the consent of the absent biological parent. If the absent parent has abandoned his or her child, the law allows for implied consent in such situations. We will work with you to obtain the actual consent or to establish implied consent so that you may legally adopt your step-child or step-children.

We have the expertise needed to help our clients understand their legal options and to obtain adoption orders that are in the best interest of their children. We will prepare all the required documents and act as your advocate in all hearings and proceedings in court. Although a step-parent adoption can be a complicated and lengthy process, we are prepared to help you move through the process as efficiently and economically as possible.

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