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Serving Military Members in Northern Virginia Facing Adverse Actions

Military members can be subject to investigations and disciplinary actions that can impact pay and benefits, their careers and, ultimately, their liberty. These various processes provide different levels of protections for service members, depending on the potential consequences.

Two of our senior lawyers are retired Army judge advocate colonels who have over 50 years of combined active duty military service. Much of our service involved advising high-level officials considering adverse actions against military officers and enlisted members. We know the laws and regulations upon which such actions are based and understand the procedures involved. We also know your rights and how to protect your rights and interests in all such proceedings.

We advise and represent active duty and Reserve military officers and enlisted members facing adverse actions, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Court-martial proceedings and Article 32, U.C.M.J. Investigations
  • Proposed administrative elimination actions from military service, and, as to Reserve officers and enlisted members, proposed involuntary releases from active duty
  • Responses to proposed adverse officer and enlisted performance evaluations
  • Responses to proposed letters of reprimand and other adverse actions
  • Representation during Inspector General Investigations
  • Suspension and revocation of professional accreditation
  • For military officers, proceedings before grade determination boards
  • Applications to correct military records
  • Proposed denials of initial applications for security clearances, and proposed suspensions or revocations of current security clearances

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