Why Choose Us

Personal Attention and Responsiveness

We strive to work with each client as if he or she were our only client. When you call our office during business hours a real person will answer the phone. Your telephone call or e-mail will receive a prompt response—usually the same day or evening, sometimes even on weekends.

Honesty and Integrity

My staff and I pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. I have a strong background of military and government service where these qualities are honored and fostered. I will give you my honest assessment of your case or need. I will tell you what you need to know, which sometimes may not be what you want to hear.

Cost-effective Legal Services

I understand that fees for legal services can put a strain on budgets. My goal is to provide legal services that are the most cost-effective to achieve your realistic goals. I will tell you what is realistic and what is not. If you choose to pursue more challenging goals, I will do my best to achieve them. But, I first will tell you up front what the chances are for success and what the anticipated costs will be.

Military and Federal Government Expertise

If you are in the military or a military family member, I offer expertise and experience in the special considerations in divorce and family law matters for military members and their families. In addition, I provide services to military members facing career-threatening situations.